The King Hospital

The King Hospital

Melilla preserves them funds and documents of its rich heritage bibliographic in the Hospital of the King, space symbolic and physical of the testimony existential of the Melilla.


  • FILE historical of MELILLA created in 1969. Has in them funds with them protocols notary of the notaries of Guerra of Melilla and the Islands Chafarinas (s.) (18th and 19th).
  • FILE CENTRAL of MELILLA created at 1,987. Houses them funds of the Board of excise taxes (1.879-1.927), together Municipal (1931-1.995). Is have gone incorporating them documents administrative generated by the city autonomous of Melilla and historical (funds of Melilla, Fifth Centenary, cadastre) and of other areas geographical (background Velez-Malaga).
  • GRAPHIC Collections includes collections photographic, cartographic and engravings. The datas of these funds is extend from end of the century XIX until it today.
  • Library CÁNDIDO LOBERA houses specialized funds dedicated to the authors and topics Melilla, Spain in Morocco protectorate, and Amazigh culture.
  • TECHNICAL FILE LIBRARY. Collection specializing in library and archival issues.


  • SERVICE publications, with a hundred and ten titles publishing Fund. It carries out the publication of works of authors and topics Melilla.
  • CULTURAL extension: programming of activities of cultural and informative (book week, exhibitions, conferences).
  • ROOM of researchers, with sixteen jobs.

Archive Central of the city of Melilla
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