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Lovers of adventure and discovery will find an ideal starting point to start different adventure routes in Melilla.

We can start by of the Rif region, which is easily reached in a short excursion which will have as a starting point and end the city of Melilla from Melilla.

One of the tours that may not make is which starts at Kelaya, and the Cape Tres Forcas peninsula in which is situated the Gurugu mountain massif and the lagoon of Mar Chica. In Kelaya you should visit the small, bright different coves like Tramontana, Puntanegri or Charranen. Some are coves of fine and Golden Sands that delight fans to fishing or underwater activities; and others are coves full of historical remains of cultures that passed, such as the Atalayon or Cazaza, where he landed the last King of Granada, Boabdil "El Chico".

Mount Gurugu has been converted into an attractive Natural Park where the colony of Barbary apes and the Roman ruins of Tazuda is located.

Being Melilla "the European city closest to the desert" has an interesting offer of excursions by the oasis, dunes, palms and the mysterious cities of the South.

After spending a few days in Melilla enjoying recent Western days between the modernist spell and the first smells of Africa, is fueling and being drawn to shopping, everything invites great Eastern adventure. A compass, leather boots, spare parts for automobile, maps, information and dealing with adventure clubs and local travel agencies, will be exciting moments of preparation for the great adventure.

The journey begins inland where sleeps the great sun or the great Oasis, like the Figuig or Tafilat, only six hours of unforgettable Melilla, passing through the dry sea of sand and blond waves of Merzouga, to the ends of the Sahara, prelude of the great Orchard that keeps the heart of Africa.

After all these adventures, Melilla will wait for you with open arms to enjoy days full of pleasure.