The city of Melilla is an incomparable setting for the connection of the teamwork. Commissioning, in February of the 1997, Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos of Melilla, located in a residential environment in the commercial and administrative center. Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos of Melilla hosts an important part of the cultural activity of the city, adding interest to the annual calendar of conferences with a rich program of exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, film cycles, conferences and seminars, among other events.

It has a bright glazed lobby, where the reception is located with a point of tourist and Cultural information which gives step a:

  • A large auditorium room accommodating up to 390 people.
  • Two Convention rooms with capacity for 120 people each.
  • Additional facilities (shop, café, toilets, dressing rooms...).

Its audiovisual and computer equipment include graphic Panel monitored using VHS screens with audio and video input, system notices by PA in all the rooms, simultaneous translation, videoconferencing, projection and stage lighting.

Room auditorium has a capacity of 390 seats capacity, divided in patio and grandstand seats along a corridor, which leads to its side entrances. Its cabin production, located at the top of the bleachers, is equipped with public address system, recording audio and video, projection of slides, rear projection of transparencies and multivision 12 projectors, cinematographic projection of 35 mm projection on screen 8 x 5 mm and Dolby Stereo sound and video. Features 3 simultaneous translation booths, system of debate in presidential table for up to 12 people, closed circuit TV and computer connection. Your scenario is 6.5 meters deep by 13 meters in length, a mouthpiece of 9 metres and a projection screen in the background, with curtains opening and automatic shut-off of the screen and at the mouth of the stage. It is fitted with a platform lift and 3 dressing rooms of direct access. As regards its possibilities for stage use, ready with a lighting of 60,000 watts, distributed among 16 foci of theater pc (convex plane), 12 bulbs (6 on each side of the exterior and front room on stage, digital table with 2 preparations of 16) or a preparation of 32 (16 reports) and 30 channels of dimmers. It also has 3 sticks with manual winch. The acoustic room is excellent, distributing the sound using equipment of 6 columns cardioles of 36 watts, 1 amplificador-mezclador 120 watts built-in with 4 inputs, 1 microphone condenser "Swan neck", 2 wireless microphones, 1 CD and cassette player, cassette-type autoreverse with 2 double decks. The scenario admits the possibility of increasing its size, adding 2 more background meters, deleting 2 rows of seats (50 seats).

Activities that take place in the Palace of exhibitions and congresses: conventions, conferences and events, tours, technical seminars, cycles of lectures, informative workshops, presentations, business meetings, delivery of awards, seminars and corporate events.

Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos is characterized by work organized with solvency and brilliance, that only a professional finish is capable of giving and providing to all its users, starting point of our work is the satisfaction of our customers.

C / Pintor Fortuny, 21
Melilla 52004
Tel. 952 976 151
Fax 952 976 153